Sunday, May 2, 2010

And the winner is ...

My good friend Ross!  I know, I know.  A very long over due announcement for the drawing for the goldfish wood block print!  I apologize!!  I have a print here with your name on it, Ross!  I have it on white and on cream paper so you pick!  A big thank you for everyone that participated!!  Lots of love to you all!

I haven't been posting here very regularly but I haven't been idle either.  I've actually been pretty productive considering that allergies have actually managed to lay me down low a couple of times this year!  Usually I don't feel them until the fall when the right pollen hits the air.

 Chisels have been placed to wood.  The photo might be a work in progress shot but the block is actually fully carved now.  However, I'm not happy enough with it to even bother printing it.  It ended up being a huge slab of practice for me and it wasn't until the end that I was happy with my marks I was leaving behind.  Honestly though, I'm more than happy to do the giraffe again!  I'm just going to flip the board over, sketch him out and away I'll go!

There has also been some sketching going on, long over do mascot artwork for the anime convention JAFAX.  The first sketch I did of Ringo is on the left -- cute but not quite there.  Boring.  The second one, on the right, I think will look smashing on a tee-shirt.  Tonight there will be more sketching to see if any better ideas pop up and tomorrow the final versions will begin so that once those are done ... it will be back to the giraffe for me.
And knitting.  There has been a whole lot of knitting going on lately as well.  In a few days about two feet worth of shawl has been cranked out.  Taught myself two whole new decrease stitches and everything for it too!

Time for tea.  And sketching.  But tea first.


  1. I am glad to see you putting stuff up and working on stuff. It is really really cool. I love your print work. I think you have great concept of negative space and blocks of color. That is what wood printing is about. Keep working keep creating it is the only way you will keep moving forward.

  2. I'm hoping to keep enough momentum that I become a mack truck moving forward!!

    Oh and mom, when you read this ... I think I might be finally falling in love with markers. After this, they scare me a little less! I might start using them in all my sketching and plotting to build up courage to use them in final pieces.

  3. I really like how the giraffe is looking and I know where it is going since I talked to you about it but I love the posing. The sketch work for Ringo is absolutely lovely. The back shot is going to look fantastic finished off I can't wait to see the final product. I really like that she is a grey squirrel.

    Markers are fun I dabble with them on occasion I really need to bust mine out again. Funny enough I am less afraid of markers then I am of ink go fig!

  4. Wish you would blog again and share some new work!