Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nothing new but ...

I do have a little something old.  When I was originally hired to work at the bookstore where I am currently employed, I was sweet talked into doing some murals for both of the stores.  These are the four murals at the store I work in.  My employer surprised me with some professionally taken photographs of my work!

I thought that they might be worthy of sharing.


I Swear it Wasn't Me

Into the Wardrobe

Conversations with Lizards


  1. I have always thought these were very well done. I love the dragon and the princess and the wardrobe reference since that is one of my favorite books. The simple design and strong line work make it look great.

  2. Hey you know I love your work! Why don't you play alphbe-thursday this time around you will get some new traffic here. Started this week...A is for ???? Art???? Glad you liked the taffy.