Saturday, July 17, 2010

Here and There and Back Again

JAFAX is over -- the event was a great success!  Once again our attendee numbers crossed over the threshold of three thousand people!  The biggest fear of the JAFAX staff now is that in a few years, we will be much too large for Grand Valley State University campus!!

With that done and over with and life returning back to normal-ish (as normal as my life ever gets), free time has been restored to me ... which means art time!

And I have bad news and good news.  I'll start with the bad news first because I much rather end this little post on an up swing.

Bad News.  I have no promised tee shirts from JAFAX with the mascot design that I drew to do a give-away with on my blog.  Sadness.

Good News.  I have no promised tee shirts from JAFAX because my design SOLD OUT!  I believe we ordered some where around 260 (which is the most we have ordered before) and they are ALL GONE!  I am the second ever JAFAX tee shirt artist to sell out.  The only other is our guest Doug Smith who is a fairly well known and popular artist in the anime con circle.  Who would have thought!  My art is marketable!


  1. Of course your art is marketable. :) It does feel good to have people buy your art work. I felt the same when I sold my first painting. :D

  2. It is a good thing and it is empowering... keep it up.