Thursday, April 8, 2010

1st Blog Drawing!

I have some old artwork. Piles of it. And I am running out of room. I'd also like to scoop up more followers for this blog because Illustrators enjoy performing for an audience. Proven fact! And who doesn't like free art?! And so a contest is the perfect solution!

The rules are simple! Merely mention my blog with a link in your own blog, on livejournal, on facebook, or any forum that delights your hearts out there! Then leave me a comment here, linking back to your postings or you could even email me a screen capture of where you posted to

For each link you post up somewhere on the internet, I shall enter you into the pot for this:

Goldfish-Large copy

A woodblock print of a swarm of happy, chubby goldfish! This is not a digital print but an image created with hand mixed and rolled out ink, ran through a real press on pretty Japanese paper. Want a copy for your very own? Show me those links!

The deadline is: April 22


  1. I have linked up over at my site. Of course since I already have this print I am just hoping to help send some new bloggers over to check out your site and link up for your drawing!

  2. I'll let you pick something else out if you get drawn. :)