Friday, January 29, 2010

Life Explodes -- and then you make art.

The bit about posting more regularly?  It seems it is a great big fib but no one told on purpose, I swear!  The mother person has been prodding me with continual and loving reminders and I promise that I have not forgotten!  Life has exploded and I have found myself with less spare time on my hands, though I know that loved ones do greatly appreciate the time that I have turned over to them.  It is all quite worth it as Aunt Lizzy gets to spend extra time with her nieces when not at work for ten hours a day.

There has also been a new fuzzy love in my life which I have enjoyed pampering and snuggling -- Boo the Dutch Rabbit.  It's a zoo but it is a very happy zoo that does manage to all get along!

There has been art.  Which I present to you now!  Done for work, at work, where it was a quiet and child free environment.  So here I present to you sharing puppies, in steps.

Step 1:  Sketch the idea!  I'll admit.  I need to work on multiple concept sketches but I have found that my first one tends to end up being the strongest one in the end.  I like to sketch in ink -- it keeps me from over thinking and over working something that is just a quick concept doodling.
Step 2:  Crack out the pencils and get going on the final piece!
 Step 3:  Time to ink!  Bristol paper has such a lovely smooth surface for ink.  With the beauty of photoshop, any inking mistakes I had made vanished like magic!

Step 4:  Fun with photoshop!


  1. This is awesome! The mother person will back off now. And we do all appreciate you helping with the munchkins. They love you so.

  2. I do love my mother person very much so! <3

    They asked N- who I was at school the other day. Her response? "She's my Liz! I love her." I melted when her teacher told me this. Melted!

  3. So glad to see you putting stuff up... I hope to have some pictures going up soon enough... one never knows. I do have some inks that could go up, so one never knows.

    Thank you again for showing me this place... I too need to be more active.

    And that is the meltingest thing any little one could say about you.

  4. Love the way this end product came out. Nice to see the progression as well from the initial sketch to the finish product. I think I like the final pattern you chose for the pup as well compared to your original sketch. Way to much fun!