Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I know it has been much too long since I have posted anything. It does not help when the computer seems to dislike working properly or when I've been sick for going on near three weeks!


I have been busy with art. I am working on an identity package for a friend of mine who is starting her own business. Go check it out! http://www.barnyardtags.com - personal engraved pet tags!

I am also working on several designs for the JAFAX mascot! I'm thrilled and honored that this bunch of people are turning me loose creatively to design something that people can visually identify with JAFAX!

Other than that, there has been lots of knitting which I feel I have been enjoying way too much!

Two other new loves have also entered my life. Someone has thrown away two beautiful and sweet female domestic rats in the trash of the local library! Bleeding heart that I am, I have scooped them up and took them home. Aster and Stella shall soon be joining Harley and Ivy in the large cage in another week after their iso period is over. And that gets this caught up with my busy and unexciting life. Hopefully within the next week, there will be a spewing of images coming!

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